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Okay, so I didn't get the story done because of DofE and then I ended up in hospital because of my foot, and now I'm off on holiday for a month so I won't be able to update anything, sorry.

Looking forward to all the stories that I'll get to read when I come back, not looking forward to the 300+ messages like last time (it took a whole week to get through itMenma Honma (This is unfair) [V1] )... I'll be gone for a month, so don't hold your breath, especially considering I'm going to Malaysia Menma Honma (Last Words) [V1] so please pray for my safety Q.Q I've been travelling since I was two and this is the first time flying has got me a little nervous.

That's all so tally-ho~!DoctorWho.8 
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Bad birthday, careless boyfriend!
Levi x reader [A/U]

[Note this is a reverse birthday present, a gift from me to you. All of this is in Levi’s POV, kay?]

I sat in my office all day, staring at stacks of papers that were being thrown at me by shitty Erwin. He was constantly popping in for a ‘small chat’ which basically meant he would talk to me for a minute , ask how I was doing and then slyly hand me more work, stressing that it was very important. What a dick...

Another nock came from the door, and speak of the devil. I could see through the frosted glass door, the tall build and blonde hair that signalled imminent work.

“What do you want?” I spat at him, trying to make it clear I was sick of having more work thrown at me. He just chuckled like I was a child trying to intimidate him. Dear lord I want to punch his smug face right now...

He raised his hand in an apologetic manner. For the first time today he had no paper in his hands. Could this possibly mean he hasn’t got work for me, that’s stupid, it just means it isn’t in a physical format.

“I swear I haven’t got any more paperwork for you.” He could probably tell by the way I was glaring at his hands that I was waiting for him to give me more. “I won’t subject my best employee to anymore menial tasks, I promise, I’ll give that to the interns.” I could feel the muscles in my face relax as he spoke those words. Slowly, I drew my fingers away from my keyboard. He continued to pass the time with me for about five whole minutes, half way through he even offered to buy me coffee. It was going so-what pleasantly until “I was hoping that you could help give me a presentation to the other board members for our plans to expand our business territory. You’ve done it before, and this is a new idea to the, so I don’t want some intern to botch it all up. You understand, don’t you? We’ve worked too hard for this.” He was guilt tripping me into extra work. This would obviously mean I would not be home by six as I had hoped.

I nodded with an exasperated sigh. I owed this man my career, and all honesty, I would consider him a good friend and a damned good leader. As such I agreed, but I still hate his damned guts...

5pm. Everyone in the office was starting to pack up, I was too, just that I was putting everything into my bag to haul it upstairs to the board room. I shoved in the extra documents and crammed in my phone.

Erwin was already at the front of the room with his PowerPoint glowing behind him. He invited me up to the front to go through things in a little more detail. I obliged.

As I stood at the front I could see the expression in their eyes; it was a mixture of respect for my skill and disgust that someone of my background managed to get where I am now. I caught my reflection in one of their glasses and I looked bored. Maybe that’s because I was. I looked like I was dead too because of the dark, deep rings under my eyes.

About an hour and a half in, Erwin decided to give us all a break and halted the meeting for a coffee break. As they left, I went to my bag. I was going to call _____ to tell her that, unfortunately, shitty Erwin was keeping me back tonight. When I got into my bag I picked up my phone to see the wallpaper I chose. It was a picture that made me effortlessly smile. It was of _____ when she was baking chocolate cake for me and I caught her swiping her fingers along the sides of the almost empty bowl and eating the batter off of her finger. I could feel my gaze soften looking at her face.

Then an awful feeling struck me. I looked at the date and time that took up a good portion of my screen as it was translucent and layered over _____’s face.

‘Fuck my life! I said that I’d take _____ to dinner at six and it’s already half past six!’ I thought to myself, wide eyed with shock, then narrowing with irritation at myself.

[A/N: I don’t know why but I liked listening to this music while writing this bit, it kinda fits, kinda...…

I grabbed everything and shoved everything into my bag in an uncharacteristically messy fashion. I dashed like a mad man to my office. Stray pieces of paper were strewn across the room as I frantically searched for the birthday card I got for her.

I ran down to the car park, on the way I passed Erwin who looked surprised to see me running. I didn’t give that bastard even a glanced. I’ve wasted enough time and energy on him already. Damn him! I’ve gotten so used to accepting his every working whim that it doesn’t even faze me to say no anymore or even think of anything else but work.

I threw my stuff into the passenger seat from the driver’s door before throwing myself onto the seat, slamming the door behind me.

As I stared driving, I couldn’t stop cursing at myself. When it came to a red light I reached over to get my phone. Swiftly I unlocked it and went straight to _____’s number. I dialled her and left it on speaker phone, and the dialling tone was really agitating me. After what seemed like a torturous eternity, it stopped and I could her faint rumbling on the other end.


“Hello, Levi? Is that you?” She asked me with weary tone, liked she had run out patience, so became angry and then I took so long that even the anger had ran out. “Where are you, you were supposed to meet me at the restaurant at six. I waited for you for fifteen minutes. When I called you, your phone was off, so I left.”

“There was a meeting.. Erwin asked me.. I shouldn’t have gone.. I-” I was about apologize when she cut me off.

“It’s okay Levi. Don’t bother going to the restaurant, it’s already a quarter to seven, I’m already home.” There was the tiniest bit of malice in her voice. Even when she was emotionally trampled, she still knew how to hit me where it hurt (even if it wasn’t intentional). “I’ve already eaten so I don’t really want to go out now.” Christ, it was like she had read my mind that I was going to suggest that we could go out somewhere else. “Anyway, I’m tired, so I think I’ll just get some early rest. Okay?” Then came the long beep signalling she had hung up. There was the tiniest sob in that last bit. It made my heart wrench that I had managed to hurt her. After all the people that detested me for who I was, worked me to the bone or just liked me superficially; I had hurt her.

‘It’s not okay. I didn’t even apologize.’ My brain betrayed me as I thought of all the times she had worked her life around me. She had a busy work schedule, yet she never forgot to  make time for my birthday (although it is Christmas day) or anniversaries! Jesus Christ I’m a shitty boyfriend. I could feel my heart burn up as I realized I had put work before her, the only person I actually gave a damn about. ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if you dumped me for this. I’m sorry _____, I’ll try to fix this.’

I ran into the ice-cream parlour, practically throwing my money at them. I explained my situation to the two girls behind the counter. The taller brunette looked at me with a mocking laugh as if to say I deserved it while the short blonde sympathized and did as I asked even on such short notice.

I power walked up to _____’s door with a box in one hand with a (f/c) envelope on top. I knocked on her door fairly loudly. I was still in a very rushed feeling. I swiftly began fixing the collar of my shirt and the stray hairs that were stabbing me in the eyes. Through the door I could hear her footsteps drum down the stairs. They weren’t hurried with anticipation like I was used to hearing, though I can hardly blame her.

“I’m coming Levi.” ‘Dear lord, it’s like she knows everything. Is that how she manages to get everything right?’

She opened the door. She was already in her pyjamas. I looked at her sternly for a brief moment as I was about to apologize; hopefully this time I wouldn’t make a complete arse of myself. I was going to, but then I saw her eyes were a little puffy and there were faint red marks at the corner of her eyes, probably because of the fabric irritating her skin as she wiped away her tears. It’s like all the words I was going to say had a massive pile-up crash in my throat. I looked down at my feet with the box balanced on my fingertips. With a heavy sigh I started.

“I won’t blame you if you’re mad at me.” She was about to say something but I abruptly cut her off, determined to at least attempt to fix this mess. I looked up at her. “But I want to make it up to you, or at least try... if you’ll let me.” She stood in front of me and took the card off of the box, completely ignoring the box. Of course, she was always surprisingly sentimental, but you wouldn’t be able to tell with the amount of lavish gifts people gave to her, you’d think her to be very material. Her dainty finger drifted along the edge of the envelope opening. She pulled out the card. A soft smile graced her face as she read the message I wrote for her and looked at me with her big (e/c). I could see my reflection in them, I looked a little formidable, but she didn’t care. She laced her arms around the back of my neck, pulling me down a centimetre or two to nuzzle the side of my head with her own. I gladly embraced her hug.

“I forgive you.” She whispered gently into my ear. I felt the weight of the world being lifted off of my shoulders with the words she uttered.

I straightened up for a moment and stared at her with furrowed eyebrows.

“I haven’t even said sorry yet.” She smiled deviously as she grabbed the box with both of her small hands.

“Ooh, cold.” She had an adorable face and she reacted to the cold while trying to balance holding the card and the box. “I’m willing to bet that there’s an ice-cream cake in here with the words ‘I’m sorry’ written on it.” My hands dropped to the sides in shock. She just giggled and walked deeper into her house, leaving the door open. She briefly looked over her shoulder and jerked her head, telling me to come in. I probably gave everything away with my ‘priceless’ reaction (as she called it). I followed her, almost storming through the hallway.

“Woman, I swear you’re psychic. If you’re psychic you better tell me!” I could hear her laughing in her kitchen so I followed her ringing voice. She had already set the ice-cream cake down onto a plate, revealing the cursive lettering saying ‘I’m sorry’. She dipped her finger in and tasted the dessert, mewling in enjoyment.

“Mmm, pavlova. It seems I won that bet.” I scoffed at her in annoyance, she knows I hate that she’s always right.

“Unfortunately, you didn’t bet anything.” I retorted. She grinned as she walked over to me. For the second time that night she laced her arms around my neck, but this time my hands were free. Gently, I placed them on her waist and let them meander up and down her form.

“Well I bet that you want to kiss me now.” I gave her a ‘tch’ as I looked away from her and spat

“God damn you woman...” She let out a quiet and short breathless laugh and I leaned down to place a gently yet firm kiss on her soft lips. It was the best feeling to know even after my fuck-ups, she was still there.
Bad birthday, careless boyfriend! Levi x reader
Levi (C) Hajime Isayama
and the picture belongs to 
YukiHyo who draws really cute chibis and some really beautiful pieces (as well as that depressing Petra one), it's not mine
the story is though :D

I hope you guys liked this one, I just wanted to write a little fluff for once


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Okay, so I didn't get the story done because of DofE and then I ended up in hospital because of my foot, and now I'm off on holiday for a month so I won't be able to update anything, sorry.

Looking forward to all the stories that I'll get to read when I come back, not looking forward to the 300+ messages like last time (it took a whole week to get through itMenma Honma (This is unfair) [V1] )... I'll be gone for a month, so don't hold your breath, especially considering I'm going to Malaysia Menma Honma (Last Words) [V1] so please pray for my safety Q.Q I've been travelling since I was two and this is the first time flying has got me a little nervous.

That's all so tally-ho~!DoctorWho.8 

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