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Levi X Reader
Monsters Mending Monsters
Part 10

As if on cue you skipped around the corner of the buildings, heading towards the offices, to find Levi walking towards you.

“Lance Corporal!” You beckoned to him, making it clear that you wished to talk to him. He slowed down as you came closer to each other until you both stopped in your tracks.

“What do you shitty cadets want?” ‘Cadets? Did Eren follow me?’. You turned around to find Eren did follow you, but he remained a foot away from the stern Corporal.

“It doesn’t really concern Jeager sir, but I was wondering, when will our next day off be?”

“A long while away,” You could feel your face sink along with your disheartened heart. “Why do you ask?”

“I was hoping to go back to the Utopia district, back to where I was found.”You murmured while glancing at your feet. Levi simply crossed his arms in an impatient manner, waiting for your answer. “It was an idea Eren gave me. I thought that if I went back to where I was found, I might remember something. But now it seems that I’ll just have to wait...”

“You don’t have training with me today, so what do you have today?” He asked, only perking up an eyebrow.

“I promised Squad Leader Hanji that I would help her with her titan experiments today. Why do you ask sir?” Levi momentarily turned away in disgust.

“Shitty glasses’ experiments will end up killing you. I can excuse you to go to the Utopia district. Only problem is, I’d have to go with you to verify that you aren’t just fucking about.” He let out an exasperated sigh. “Fuck it, I’ll escort you there.” You looked up at him, a little taken back by his generosity.

“But sir, won’t you fall behind on your paperwork. As I understand it, you probably already have a lot to do, doing this would-”

“Did I stutter, brat?”

“No sir.”

“So do you need to remind me of the consequences?”

“No sir.”

“So go get your fucking stuff and be back in twenty minutes. If you’re late then you can forget it.” You gave him a brief salute and then scampered off to go get your coat. In the background you could hear the conversation between Eren and Levi grow fainter and fainter. ‘Jeager! Tell Hanji and Erwin that I’m taking _____ back to the Utopia district, also I want you to-”

‘I wonder what he was going to say’

~One time skip later to a carriage ride~

You looked out of the carriage window, watching the brown cobbles roll from underneath you. Leaning ever closer out of the window caused your hair to frantically flutter in the breeze.

“Oi! _____! Get your fucking head back into the carriage and close the window,” You did so with a hasty apology. With the clopping of the cobbles shut out you could hear him mumble “It smells like shit out there.”

Now unable to hear the outside properly, silence filled the carriage. Your nervous gaze lazily drifted towards Levi, up his torso and to his steely eyes; he caught onto this, sternly returning your gaze. Deciding to speak your mind you firmed your posture and stare, causing him to stop leaning against the wooden walls with his elbow.

“Sir, I was-”

“Levi you moron.”He rudely interrupted eager to correct your “error”.

“I was wondering,” desiring to get back to the matter at hand and not his quarrels with your level of formality. “Why are you doing this?” With a moments silence and a signature deadpan stare from Levi, you continued. “Not to sound ungrateful, but I’m not the only cadet with problems. Many of us have less than desirable pasts, so why are you helping me instead of brushing me away like a nuisance. I would have thought that you would hate doing this because it’s basically baby-sitting.”

He released his ‘tch’ of annoyance before leaning back into a more comfortable position. His arms folded across his chest and the closet leg to you on top of the other. He closed his eyes and turned his head so it was profile.

“Firstly, don’t assume what I will and won’t do. Secondly, I don’t mind helping you. I’m not going to fucking hold your hand through this, but seeing as you were going to do this without me anyway, you don’t really need me to hold your hand. Besides, at least you’re trying to fix your problems instead of wallowing in self pity,” His voice underwent a decrescendo into a mere whisper. “And it’s the only way I can thank you.”

Your eyes widened at this. You could practically feel the cogs and gears turning in your head. Although he technically answered your first question, he managed to spark a dozen more in your mind. They all flowed out of your mouth like a wave.
“Levi, if you know I don’t need you, why are you still helping me- never mind, why do you need to thank me? What did I do?”

“You imbecile, I’m helping you because you’re in a worse state than the people you help.”

“So why do you need to thank me?”

He clenched his fist with a hitched breath. Slowly, he turned to face you with a bowed head.

“Because,” He unfurled his grasp. “Ever since that day when you were picking flowers and asked me if I missed my old squad, I felt something. I was... disgusted by some of the things you were saying and how you were acting.” Your own head dipped in shame while his rose. ‘Yay another person who is repulsed by me, I’m not the only one then...’ your own cynical sense of humour commented sarcastically. “I started noticing that there was something always a little sickening. It could be the fake smiles or the way you got inside people’s heads or that fucking crazy laugh. But then I noticed it was all a facade trying to hide something; it was trying to hide you. When you left me every time, I was left with a question or thought that bothered me endlessly ‘maybe she really does like flowers’ or ‘she’s not really a fucking psycho if she’s at least trying to help, right?’”

“Sir, does this have a point other than reminding me how messed up I am?” You groaned out, mentally exhausted from recalling all of this.

“Yeah it does you impatient little brat. Look at me.” He almost asked.

You glanced at him, not moving your head.

“_____, I said look at me.” He said in a far more demanding tone. You felt your facial feature arch in a rather pathetic manner. “At least I managed to feel something. I had spent so long feeling numb, that I had almost forgot how to feel at all. After you had explained why you were acting the way you were, I started to feel... differently, about you.”

“Levi, I-I,” His eyes flickered away from you as he straightened up a little. “I’m really not sure if I’m following this.”

With his hand supporting his head he let out an irritated sigh.

“Jeez, you’re a fucking odd one, ya’ know that _____?” An irked grin worked its way onto his face. “Mental and odd, I’m just trying to get rid of the crazy so you’ll stick around longer. After all, there’s no point in being humanities strongest if you’ve got no purpose.”

With those words you could feel a little spark in your head that rushed to your heart causing it to flutter like a butterfly.

“So you mean I’m your new purpose and that’s why you’re thanking me? And the way you feel about me now...” You let out a small giggle that caught his attention. “You say I’m odd when you’d rather give a speech than just say three little words.” You smiled at him, a genuine smile that he found absolutely endearing. “You know, this is the first time anyone has actually seen me, for me, and genuinely wanted to help.” You switched sides in the carriage so that you were now positioned next to Levi. Fidgeting with your coat, you partially covered your cheeks, once again you were adorable. He couldn’t help but weave an arm around your waist to pull you into his chest. “I kinda’ like being your new purpose.” You said as your eyes began to flutter closed.

“Good, because it’s going to take a lifetime to properly thank you.”

Levi had finally managed to find a sliver of the real you, and armed with an oath to help you, he could only anticipate the joys you could bring to him.
Levi X Reader Monsters Mending Monsters Part 10
AhMehGauwd I am so sorry for how long it took for me to get this chapter out :icononionbowplz: First I had DofE thenI came back with a foot infection that landed me hospital, then I went on holiday with no computer, then I came back and had no internet, then I moved to a sixth-form/collage, then I fainted and was put back in hospital etc. with my excuses. But now that it's out I hope you enjoy it and all the bits of fluff at the end :3

Levi (C) Hajime Isayama


alucardlov3r's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Okay, so I didn't get the story done because of DofE and then I ended up in hospital because of my foot, and now I'm off on holiday for a month so I won't be able to update anything, sorry.

Looking forward to all the stories that I'll get to read when I come back, not looking forward to the 300+ messages like last time (it took a whole week to get through itMenma Honma (This is unfair) [V1] )... I'll be gone for a month, so don't hold your breath, especially considering I'm going to Malaysia Menma Honma (Last Words) [V1] so please pray for my safety Q.Q I've been travelling since I was two and this is the first time flying has got me a little nervous.

That's all so tally-ho~!DoctorWho.8 

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